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McDowell's No.1 Reserve Whisky was launched in 1968 and is a blend of imported scotch and Indian malt whiskies It is sold in several countries outside India, including AfricaCanada, the Far EastJapan, the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates

McDowell's No.1 Diet Mate, which the company claims is the world's first diet whisky, is a variant of McDowell's No.1 Whisky. It was launched in 2006. It is sold in pint, nip, quart, and 750 ml bottles, at a cost 5% higher than McDowell's No.1 Whisky. The product was initially launched in Mumbai and Thane but later expanded to other markets. Debashish Shyam, then General Manager (Marketing) of UB Group Spirits Division, stated that "Diet Mate is not a low-calorie whisky but has ingredients that increase metabolism."