Best beers in Kenya

6 Best beers in Kenya

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Need some guidance on which beer to try?  Here is a list of the best beers to buy while in Nairobi. Order beer online on the V-Bar and have it brought right to your front door. The best place to buy alcohol online and get different kinds of discounts and offers. 
The number one on the list is the Tusker Lager, being the highest-selling beer in East Africa. Their slogan ‘Baada ya Kazi, burudika na Tusker’ translated to ‘after work, relax with a bottle of Tusker’ is exactly how one gets to enjoy this drink. It pushes all the right refreshment buttons with a clean golden lager malt body and gentle fizz.
Pilsner Lager is an authentic and thirst-quenching drink suitable for those summer afternoons. It’s a clear beer topped with foam that bubbles over the top of the glass. It’s sweet but also crispy making it pleasing to those with less of a sweet tooth.
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Tusker Malt derives its premium taste from the extra-long brewing period. It has a light, grainy malt character. The hop is subtle but enough to leave a lemon note at the end. It’s the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy during the Nairobi warm season- if it ever comes! grab a whitecup now beer on the V-Bar.
White Cap Lager has a soft, sweet, and easy-going feel that gently persuades you to keep chugging. It is named after snowcapped Mt. Kenya with its white head foam with clear but golden color to it.
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Sometimes what you need is a refreshing, easy-going beer to enjoy at the weekends. Tusker Lite delivers this to the latter! It couldn’t be a more quintessential low-carb drink if it tried!
This premium lager is light and golden in color. It pours with a white head, has a grainy aroma, and is slightly bitter on the palate. It’s ideal to enjoy in the sunshine and it’s a real crowd-pleaser, too.
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