Tanqueray Gin: All you need to know

Tanqueray Gin: All you need to know

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Charles Tanqueray was a man who always flirted with disaster. In the 1800’s he was on a pursuit for perfecting his drink and it paid off! He created a uniquely perfectly balanced gin, a truly perfected drink which has won most of the awards and the old recipe has never changed to date. 

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What Is Tanqueray Gin Made From?

Tanqueray keeps its botanical recipe a secret. But what we can taste for sure is a blend of simply four botanicals: Tuscan juniper, coriander, angelica root, and licorice which created a perfect gin bouquet of the purest triple-distilled spirit.

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What Does It Taste Like?

The iconic bottle design of the Tanqueray, a distinctive green bottle, based on a cocktail shake and a famous Tanqueray family crest embossed on each bottle featuring a pineapple, a historic symbol of hospitality and warm welcome one is assured this is a premium drink to taste.

Once opened, one picks hints of juniper and citrus coming through. On the palate, one is bombarded with a good hit of licorice with a slight spice finish that leaves you with a tingle. This gives this gin a perfect combo of a crisp and dry flavor.


Tanqueray London Dry Gin


With a citrus zest taste alongside slight angelica stalk and licorice taste this is the perfect blend of gin to try. The palate begins with juniper, but the finish captures rich hints of baking spice including angelica root, cinnamon and coriander seed with a little warm sensation. This premium English has an alcohol percentage of 47.3% ABV.

Tanqueray No.10 


To keep up with the New Western Style Gin, Tanqueray No.10 was released in 2000. This type of Tanqueray has the same botanical blend of the original Tanqueray London Dry Gin, but with new notes of chamomile flowers and fresh citrus fruits added on top. This fruity spirit is the perfect drink for juniper-averse gin drinkers.

Tanqueray Rangpur 


Now this type is worth seeking out, and delivers a bright, zesty, refreshing taste of Rangpur limes. While they are called limes, this fruit is more similar to mandarin oranges. It’s a cross between mandarin orange and citron and is a lot juicier. This gin is definitely a must-try, especially if you have a love-hate relationship with juniper.

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla

Tanqueray Flor de Seville offers a unique bittersweet taste of Seville oranges and other botanicals balanced uniquely with the complexity of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. As it sits more on the palate, it has a dry taste with a pine-note juniper and earthy licorice root taste towards the end. The Tanqueray Sevilla has an ABV of 41.3% which is lower compared to the other types but still potent.

How to Drink Tanqueray 

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This gin works perfectly in a Martini with a twist with a couple of olives. Or simply serving it with tonic water and a wedge of lime. With Tanqueray Gin, be assured to have a perfect cocktail.

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